• Information to help you through your experience of psychosis and support your recovery

Work With Us

  • People who work in the Early Intervention in Psychosis services team are highly dedicated, compassionate and empathetic and have a real passion for helping people. We are always looking for new people to join our team.

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  • You will make a real difference

    This is a challenging job and not everyone is made for it.

    The work can be extremely hard and demanding. You must have a genuine drive to help people and the right attitude. Whilst we know our care coordinators do not want to be viewed as ‘heroes’, there are times when they are asked to work above and beyond what is required, so we need people with strong hearts and minds.

    It’s a noble and utterly rewarding role to help someone feel complete again. If you have experience in working with vulnerable people and have been working as a carer and you’re interested in joining our team, please get in touch with a local EIP team today.

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This is no ordinary job role – in fact, it’s epic!